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Unlocking diverse computing power, managing hardware resources, and enabling applications across various industries.
High performance for artificial intelligence scenarios, and low-cost vector storage and query.
OpenBlock (to be renamed)Incubation
Programming for upper-level logic, and focusing on enterprise value.
Deep integration with various mobile phone manufacturers, covering more than 1.2 billion devices with over 500 million monthly active users. With native rendering capabilities and deep integration with the operating system, it can achieve the same functionality and experience as native applications. It also has the capabilities that native applications do not have, such as instant use, direct service delivery and content outreach, greatly enhancing user experience and application distribution efficiency.
AliOS Things (to be renamed)Incubation
Solving the fragmentation problem of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and providing a unified operating system solution for IoT applications.
Helping users achieve compliance with State’s cryptographic algorithms, and ensuring data security throughout the project’s lifecycle.
Tackling pain points in blockchain testing, and helping standardize and facilitate testing.
Covering full-scenario applications, and supporting a variety of devices.

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OpenAtom Open Source Way to SchoolLaunching nationwide OpenAtom Open Source Way to School activities disseminates open source culture from the "source".It also nurtures open source talents, promotes the open source social responsibility of technological innovation-based enterprises, accelerates open source innovation among the general public, and facilitates high-quality development in the software industry.
OpenAtom Open Source ContestThe first "OpenAtom Open Source Contest" was launched by the OpenAtom Foundation.It aims to bring together resources from various open source organizations, companies, institutions, universities, primary and secondary schools, research institutes, industry associations, institutional investors and financing agencies.

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